Jul 27, 2012

Procedures, Documentation, and Checklists, Oh My!

I cannot stress the importance of procedures, documentation and checklists enough when working in information technology. Not just using them, but KEEPING THEM UP TO DATE!

Just yesterday I ran into a situation where I thought something was being done one way, when someone else in my group did it a different way. We were both following procedures laid out in a checklist that was approved by our managers but something was left off the list. I thought it was always being done one way while he did it a different way. Apparently my way wasn't being done at all and since his method was different, he never thought there was any issue. When I was questioned about it by my manager, it was discovered that something was missing from our checklist.

Having all the checklists and procedures in the world is rendered completely useless if they aren't updated and checked regularly and verified against old old work to ensure uniformity and accuracy.

Next week: "Tools and Recommendations for Tracking Procedures"