May 18, 2012

Twitter agrees to adopt Do-Not-Track privacy option | Reuters

Twitter agrees to adopt Do-Not-Track privacy option | Reuters

May 16, 2012

OS X Versions

For those of us with older Macs...

10.0.x    Cheetah                March 24, 2001
10.1.x    Puma                    September 25, 2001
10.2.x    Jaguar                   August 24, 2002
10.3.x    Panther                 October 24, 2003
10.4.x    Tiger                     April 29, 2005
10.5.x    Leopard                October 26, 2007
10.6.x    Snow Leopard      August 28, 2009  
10.7.x    Lion                      July 10, 2011
10.8.x    Mountain Lion      ??   (summer, 2012)

May 11, 2012

CBORD Steps into the 21st century!

Well, it looks like CBORD has taken a big step here... they are going out on a limb and offering SECURE FTP for file transfers, OMG!

CBORD now offering Secure FTP

I know, I know... it's a risky endeavor but someone had to take the lead and offer this service to their customers. After all, it's 2012 and we need to start thinking about the future. No more of this waiting around for integral services to be vetted by the rest of the software development communities.  They are taking the bull by the horns and rolling out this service as quick as possible.

May 6, 2012

Monitoring VMWare logs, (Wed, May 2nd)

Monitoring VMWare logs, (Wed, May 2nd): Virtualization is so popular today that there is almost no company that does not use a virtualizatio ...(more)...

Facebook Says It's Filtering Comments For Spam, Not Censoring Them

Facebook Says It's Filtering Comments For Spam, Not Censoring Them: bhagwad writes "Apparently Robert Scoble tried to post a long comment on Facebook only to have a message pop up saying 'This comment seems irrelevant or inappropriate and can't be posted. To avoid having your comments blocked, please make sure they contribute to the post in a positive way.' If true, this is huge. For one the self-moderating system of comments has always been the rule so far. And with countries like India rooting for the pre-screening of content and comments, is Facebook thinking of caving into these demands?" Facebook says there's a more innocuous explanation: namely, that the comment triggered a spam filter.