Feb 17, 2011

How Your Username May Betray You

How Your Username May Betray You: "An anonymous reader writes "By creating a distinctive username—and reusing it on multiple websites—you may be giving online marketers and scammers a simple way to track you. Four researchers from the French National Institute of Computer Science (INRIA) studied over 10 million usernames—collected from public Google profiles, eBay accounts, and several other sources. They found that about half of the usernames used on one site could be linked to another online profile, potentially allowing marketers and scammers to build a more complex picture the users."

PaperCut Version 11.1 Released

PaperCut Version 11.1 Released: "

Flooding in Melbourne streets
Some might think we took a holiday after releasing version 11.0 last month. Not so! We’ve been hard at work polishing the new features, making many minor improvements and of course avoiding all the floods and cyclones (hurricanes) that have been happening down under! PaperCut 11.1 is now ready for download.

We’ve had lots of great feedback about the dashboard and the new look interface – thanks to everyone who emailed in. Much to the delight of our support team the version 11.0 release last month went down smoothly and there were no major issues reported. If you’ve been holding off on the upgrade because you don’t like “dot zero” releases there is no excuse now! :)

Among the many little enhancements in this release we’ve expanded our watermarking support across a greater range of PCL6 printer drivers.

The full list of changes can be found in the release history. Happy downloading!

Flood image by Looking Glass / CC BY

New Windows SMB 0-Day Vulnerability

Windows 0-day SMB mrxsmb.dll vulnerability, (Wed, Feb 16th): "A new vulnerability has been discovered exploiting SMBcomponent of Windows. The attack involve ...(more)..."

Feb 8, 2011