Sep 4, 2012

Mac Terminal Tricks

I use the Terminal application on my Mac all day long.  I have numerous different systems that I connect to for different tasks.  Generally, I have one terminal open and I can just ssh to various systems from that window.  Lately however, I have been customizing things a bit.  One thing I have liked is creating a default look (profile) for various systems so I know specifically what box I am on.  Some systems have nearly identical test / dev systems and the last thing I want to do is enter a command on a production system when it was meant for test.  Once inside the terminal application I can simply do a Shift-Command-N to bring up the command window and type in the profile for that system.  Since I can enter the initial command for each profile, this makes connecting to various systems with a specialized look very simple and easy.  So I can have my test system with green text and my production systems all glowing red.

*update*  It appears that you only get the custom colors and not the actual command.  I have posted in the Support Community. I'll update here if I get any response.