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Jul 30, 2008

Open Source Monitoring Tool

GroundWork Monitor is a nice looking open source monitoring application. I'll add it to the link list on the right.

I'll update here after I have more information on the application. A friend of mine is configuring it now. On the surface it looks similar to Nagios.

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Unknown said...

GroundWork Monitor has Nagios built right into it, along with RRDtool, Nmap, and dozens of other open source packages, resulting in a fully-featured IT monitoring tool. It adds a point-and-click GUI for Nagios configuration, and saves to standard Nagios config files.

Configuration help, professional support, a library of configuration profiles, and some additional features come with a subscription to GroundWork Monitor Professional or Enterprise. If you're considering Pro/Enterprise you can get a free support incident.

Cheers, -Peter

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