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Nov 4, 2011

Lion, iTunes, Airport Express, IPv6 Bug

I have a stumbled upon a problem with iTunes, Lion, IPv6 and using an Airport Express.

It seems that when upgrading to Lion you lose the ability to "disable" IPv6. After upgrading to Lion your IPv6 config will still be set to "off", but if you change it, that choice goes away. You are only left with Link-Local, Automatic, and Manual as choices. None of these will allow you to connect to an Airport Express.

According to this post on the Apple forums, setting it to "Link-Local" will disable it. However your iTunes doesn't think so. So following these instruction from that same post you can return it to the "off" setting that allows iTunes to work properly with your Airport Express.

I had to change both the Airport and the Ethernet configs to __INACTIVE__ before it would allow me to connect to my Airport Express.
Here is what worked for me in Lion.
I edited /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist
and changed the IPv6 ConfigMethod's string to __INACTIVE__ manually for the appropriate adapter. This is what I believe the GUI would change in SL10.6. Looks like it still accepts the option, Just dosen't provied it.
sudo vi /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist
The section under your unique adapter key will look like this when you're done.
When completed reboot. Your inet6 address should not show for that adapter in ifconfig anymore.
Hope this helps.


jaaa1969 said...

Correct. I have 2 x imacs running in the house in addition to a macbook that HAVE NOT been upgraded to Lion. My imac has all my music on it and I follishly upgraded to Lion. Since then, I cannot access my Airport Express or my AppleTV from my imac. A lot of posts around the place say that it might be the airport express units or my boradband provider. It is not, it is definately Lion. I know this is the case because I can access the Apple TV and the Airport Express from any other mac on my home netwrok apart from the imac that has been upgraded to Lion.

The most frustrating thing about this is that Apple are just ignornig this issue. My Ipad and my wifes iphone can also select the remote speakers, but not my imac that is running on Lion. Link-Local does not "disable" IPV6 - bloody patehtic response from Apple who are either pretending the issues doesn't exist or don't know how to address it.

I just want to be able to diable IPv6 in the network settings, but cannot. Very annoyed.

loatswil said...

If you follow the instructions, it will successfully disable IPv6. I've done it on a couple machines.

loatswil said...

Another fix for this issue.

I was having this issue on my MBP running 10.7.2. Airport Utility would see it and let me configure it. Upgraded the firmware while I was at it. IPhone would connect and play without issue. iTunes? Nope. After alot of fidgeting, it seems the issue is with the IPv6 setting in Lion. In Snow Leopard, you could completely turn it off. Not so with Lion, or so I thought. Some searching around turned this up.

Run this command in a Terminal window:

networksetup -listallnetworkservices

This will list all network interfaces. Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc. To turn off IPv6 completely on the ethernet port, run

networksetup -setv6off Ethernet

Likewise, to turn it off for Wi-Fi use:

networksetup -setv6off Wi-Fi

Check your Network prefs pane under advanced and you'll see a new item has appeared and is checked for IPv6: Off.

Now iTunes 10.5 sees my Airport Express, connects to it and streams just like it used to.