Nov 22, 2010

Dell knew about computer failures, hid info from customers

No way, I refuse to believe it. Give me a break. This happens every day in modern business.

Dell knew about computer failures, hid info from customers:

"Dell might have made efforts to hide problems with its machines after all, according to recently unsealed court records. The New York Times went through hundreds of documents related to the lawsuit that Advanced Internet Technologies brought against Dell, and found that Dell knew much more about its computer problems than it let on, all while continuing to sell the machines to the public. Dell settled the lawsuit earlier this year, but the revelation is troubling.

This lawsuit goes back to 2007, when Advanced Internet Technologies accused Dell of making efforts to conceal known defects in its desktop machines. The suit was settled in September of this year, though the companies did not disclose the terms of the agreement. A federal judge unsealed the documents on Thursday, however, revealing that much more was going on behind the scenes."