Mar 11, 2010

Save Disk Space in OS X: Monolingual

I am always amazed at how much space the Multi-Lingual files take up when installing OS X (let's not mention the print drivers). So why should I be surprised when I save so much space using this application? It managed to trim off 2.3GB in just a few minutes. That's not a lot in this era of 500GB drives but every little bit helps. That's a whole movie burned to disk!

I know I should be ashamed for using the default install in the first place. Like everyone who gets a new MacBookPro I was a little eager to start using it. The last thing I wanted to do was wait for a new install. Now if it was a new Dell it would be a different story. I have no qualms about booting right from a DVD when a new Dell shows up.

Thanks Tyler!