Oct 22, 2009

The Risks and Rewards of Warmer Data Centers

I've always wondered why it had to be sooo much cooler in there... What's the difference between keeping it at 68 degrees compared to 80? As long as things don't over-heat? I guess the colder it is, the more time you have when things start to fail?

The Risks and Rewards of Warmer Data Centers: "1sockchuck writes 'The risks and rewards of raising the temperature in the data center were debated last week in several new studies based on real-world testing in Silicon Valley facilities. The verdict: companies can indeed save big money on power costs by running warmer. Cisco Systems expects to save $2 million a year by raising the temperature in its San Jose research labs. But nudge the thermostat too high, and the energy savings can evaporate in a flurry of server fan activity. The new studies added some practical guidance on a trend that has become a hot topic as companies focus on rising power bills in the data center.