Dec 29, 2008

Google Reader Rant

I just can't say enough about Google Reader. I've been using it now for at least a year and it's truly the only place I go for news. You can really customize what feeds you see in an easy to understand and organize manner. It's easily readable on my iPhone and it tracks what items I've read from any system. It's easy to drill down and read just the items I'm interested in at the time. I can keep up to date on any number of subjects from local news to games or politics. Here is a list of a few features I use in Google Reader.
  • Easy to share or email stories and links to friends
  • Easy to star items for later reading
  • Grouping news feeds for quick access to specific news
  • Access from multiple platforms and locations
  • Import files from other RSS readers
  • Manage all subscriptions from a single page
  • Informative feed suggestions based on current subscriptions
  • Stats for tracking dead feeds
The Google team has done a great job keeping Reader up to date and current with a simple, recently updated interface that keeps me coming back for news day after day.