Mar 20, 2008

Patch your Macs!

Apple patches a pile of flaws
Published: 2008-03-19

Apple also updated its Safari Web browser on Tuesday, correcting 13 issues that affect the application running on the Mac OS X and Windows operating system, according to the company's advisory. Many of the flaws manifest as cross-site scripting issues, but at least one vulnerability could allow remote code execution. More information about the patches can be found on Apple's security site.

Consumer technology company Apple released two updates on Tuesday to fix more than a hundred flaws in its Mac OS X operating system, the OS's open-source components and the company's Safari Web browser.

The software patch for the Mac OS X closes at least 95 security holes in various parts of the operating system and the system's open-source components, though many of the flaws do not affect the latest version of the operating system, Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard". Applications with a high number of patches include the Apache Web server (10 issues), the Clam AV antivirus scanner (19 issues), PHP Web software (10 issues), and the X11 graphics library (14 issues), the company said in its advisory.

The updates are the second time this year that the company has fixed vulnerabilities in its operating system. Apple has also patched its multimedia platform, QuickTime, and updated the iPhone earlier this year.

More information about the patches can be found on Apple's security site.

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